The Cord Cutting Technique
- an easy way to reach emotional freedom, by phil chave

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Find Relief from the Pain of Emotional Trauma
The Cord Cutting Technique for Emotional Pain and Trauma
A Self Help Technique for Ultimate Relationship Healing
Cutting the Negative Cords of Attachment - For Good!
Find Relief from the Pain of Emotional Trauma


The Cord Cutting Technique will help you restore balance to yourself and family This CD sells all over the world and here is what some people have said:
  •   Dear Phil, your Cord Cutting Technique has been the best 12 I have ever spent. I've been in regular therapy for years and seem to have gotten nowhere. I really connected with what you were saying on the disc and have been able to leave behind the pain of the past. I'm now in my 60th year, and feel happy that the latter part of my life will be less burdened than my youth. God bless you, Rachel Penn. Rachel Penn - Watford, Herts, UK  

  •   Hello Phil, I received your Cord Cutting CD today. And I practiced the guided meditation. God bless you! Yes, although the cord cutting is a simple technique it is very effective. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This CD will in essence allow me to take better care of myself. You don't know how long I've been looking for a technique that is so effective. Also, it allows me to rely on my own internal healing to take place - a very loving and nurturing concept. Maryann M. - Pennsylvania, USA  

  •   Hi Phil, I really like the cd, it is simplistic and it doesn't make me doubt my ability about how to cut cords myself. I have tried allsorts over the past few years and can basically sense where my cords are these days after a few years of practice! I started laughing yesterday when I felt a cord being cut! I know it is something we must do on a daily basis though like brushing our teeth to feel healthy. I am so glad I bought your CD and thank you. God bless, from L (name withheld) L.S. - East Sussex, England, UK  

  •   Hi Phil, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your Cord Cutting CD. I feel so much better, physically and emotionally, than I've felt in many, many months since my husband left me 3 years ago. I feel I am ready to move on now. Thanks again. Best wishes, Jamie x Jamie Mitchell - Worcester, England, UK  

  •   Hello Everyone, if you have any hesitation trying Phil's emotion healing Cd, don't. I felt a huge weight lift and it only took a few goes. I've tried online counselling, my doctor, my family, and nothing so far has worked. This was by far the best and I feel I have regained my sanity. God bless you Phil. Love Romina Romina Gordon, London, UK  

    Relief for soldiers from the pain of PTSD
  •   Mr Chave, your CD has been a lifesaver... Mine! I have been on antidepressants for 15 years. Now I realize that it was my past that I needed to deal with, not the present. Many thanks. Beth. (Beth lives in Kent, UK)  

  •   Dear Mr Chave, my husband was a British soldier serving in Basra. Before leaving he was a kind and gentle man who only wanted to serve his country. The Iraq war has made him into a monster. Since coming home, he treats us like dirt and I have threatened to leave him many times in the last 2 years. I purchased your CD when I had nothing else to lose and gave it to ..(name removed).. telling him, you either listen to this or me and the kids are off. ........ He came down stairs crying his eyes out. Since then, he's listened to it many times. The drinking has stopped, his nightmares are gone and he is gradually finding peace. I can't thank you enough and .(name removed). thanks you too. Many thanks Phil. ..(name removed).. (From the wife of a British soldier, home from Iraq)  

    •   Phil's note: Thank you for writing this. I am coming to realize this kind of self help is suitable for any of our military personnel, male or female, to cope with the demons they find it hard to leave behind, and I invite any soldier, or relative of one, to give the Cord Cutting CD a try. It is an aid to coping with the aftermath of war. Something any ex-soldier would benefit from.  

  •   Hi Phil, I'm absolutely amazed that it's working already, even noticing a difference after my first session. I've tried other techniques over the years, including various inner child therapy, but they weren't effective. People close to me have started noticing a change, more energy, more confidence, less stressed. I look forward to continual change through using this guided technique. Many thanks, Carol - Australia  

    Learn to let go and choose emotional freedom
  •   Dear Phil, as you know my world fell apart when my husband died 5 years ago. We were married 52 years and had 3 wonderful children all grown up and moved away. I've struggled to let go and move on, everything just stopped. I lost my family and all my so-called friends didn't understand I was still grieving. I stopped caring about anything. You wrote and told me Jim would never want me to live this way, and that I could release him with love, I understood what you meant, but I hated you for it. When my cd arrived, I put it on the sideboard, and there it stayed for 6 weeks. I think I still felt guilty that I should want to do this, I was afraid I'd forget him. I know now that cord cutting is about releasing pain and sorrow, and it was your guidance and voice that helped me through a very bad time, so thank you and God bless your work. Love Jen J. Pearson, Oldham, UK  

  •   Hi Phil, I didn't realize how screwed up I was before I bought your cordcutting cd. I am a lot calmer now, all thanks to you. All the best, Martin. Martin C. Cambridge, UK  

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