The Cord Cutting Technique
- an easy way to reach emotional freedom, by phil chave

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Find Relief from the Pain of Emotional Trauma
The Cord Cutting Technique for Emotional Pain and Trauma
A Self Help Technique for Ultimate Relationship Healing
Cutting the Negative Cords of Attachment - For Good!
Find Relief from the Pain of Emotional Trauma

Listening to The Cord Cutting Technique Instructions

Attachment to others is a vital part of all human relationships.

We all have a natural drive for connection to other people, right from the time we are babies. We need to connect, spiritually, physically, psychologically at the deepest levels of our consciousness and sub-consciousness.

We have a deep need for intimacy that never leaves us. You only have to see what happens when we, or any other individual, doesn't get that intimacy that we all crave. Depression sets in, desperate need, our human givens are denied and we suffer from severe deficits in our ability to form personal attachments.

By developing healthy dependencies we learn to trust and to love and to accept love. When we find that difficult, relationships become stifled and emotionally crippled. We look to other areas for satisfaction, such as drugs, alcohol, shopping, the internet, gambling, a good book, some have affairs and some engage in power struggles. At its worst, we develop eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders and some even turn to self harm as a release.

It is clear that attachments can be either 'healthy' or 'unhealthy. They are usually unanimously classified as healthy or good if they add to our wellbeing, and unhealthy or bad, if they detract from our wellbeing. This is why it's important to deal with these negative attachments and associations in any relationship.

When we carry burdens in current relationships or relationships from the past, they cost us. They take from us, rather than give. They take our spirit, our energy, our health and our ability to think clearly or realize what's happening to us. I'm certain this is the root of much stress, fatigue and illness, both chronic and acute. What destroys even the most loving relationships, is walking around with lots of wounds and experiencing the pain of unresolved conflict.

Everyone deserves a fresh start, and cutting the cords of painful negative attachments is the way to do it successfully. Effectively wiping the slate clean. We all do this at the beginning of any new relationship, don't we? Why not keep the relationship 'healthy', from both sides, by wiping the slate clean from time to time?

Q.) What sort of cords are you talking about Phil?
I'm talking about energetic connections that you create between yourself and other people, that you've had a relationship with, or an association, or an interaction with, now, or in the past. These can be relationships with your mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, lover, friend, partner, manager, associate, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunty, neighbour, absolutely anybody.

Q.) How do I know I have these cords? What do they feel like?
Have you ever/do you still, love someone so much that whenever you think of them you feel joyous? Have you thought about your mum and have her call within a few minutes? Have you sensed something is wrong and called someone only to find they have just been thinking about you?

Some people call this coincidence, and if it happened once in 10 years it would be a random event. But when they happen regularly it would suggest there is more to this than just coincidence. Cords of energy may be invisible, but their effects can be felt in the body as powerful emotions. Some cords fade and some last a lifetime. Some cords are good, some are inappropriate and some are outright bad.

Do you have relationships, good or bad, that you can't get out of your head? Do you feel sad whenever you think about your childhood? Does someone feature in that sadness? Do you want out of a relationship but can't? Is the pain of being together less than the fear of being alone?

When you discontinue a loving relationship rapidly, there is usually a lot of pain involved. There are no visible signs of the pain, either on the outside of the body or internally, though few of us would deny their effects. This emotional pain is like the tearing of these energetic cords.

What happens if you touch a damaged electrical flex? That's right, it hurts! You can be electrocuted. How do you fix this situation? You replace the damaged flex with new flex. You cut out the old and replace it with new. Either that, or you decide to replace the appliance altogether.

Try to imagine our cord connections are like the electrical connections around the house. Thinking about an appliance is the equivalent of thinking about the other person. What the appliance does is the equivalent of what the person did in the past, or is doing now. Turning the power on is the equivalent of engaging with the person through the cord. Power is flowing. Power changes the state of your appliance, just as the energy exchange in the cord is changing your state through thought and expression. With electricity, there is usually heat generated somewhere, with cord energy, the heat is usually within us, like when we are angry, frustrated or disgusted.

Q.) Sometimes people say; But the person concerned has moved away, or died. Or, I haven't seen them, or spoken to them for years. I've had years of psychotherapy and I still can't get past the abuse. Distance or time does not exist as a negating force in the energetic world.

Q.) How often should I do your Cord Cutting Technique, Phil?
I want to make this absolutely clear. When you do the Cord Cutting Technique, as described, for a specific issue, you only need to do this once. However, anyone who has ever had any kind of counselling knows full well that sometimes our feelings and emotions are multilayered, and when you clear one issue, this can sometimes bring up something else to take its place, sometimes related to the original issue, sometimes not. These represent new connections that can legitimately be brought to a new session.

I don't recommend doing the Cord Cutting too often. Maybe once, and then a week or a fortnight later with any subsequent issues that crop up, until you don't seem to need it anymore. It takes time to process the changes and assimilate the work before moving on to the next phase of cords.

I am pointing this out to clear up any misunderstanding because some people who also purport to do this kind of work, and should know better, have said that I recommend doing the Cord Cutting Technique weekly, or fortnightly, which is nonsense. Well, the point here is, you allow your session to settle in, to see how you feel, and then address any new 'aspects' that crop up subsequently, for which you would allow a suitable amount of time, perhaps, a week later, or a fortnight later.

Aspects are a variation of the original issue, or an emotional attachment that is related to the original issue, or is brought to mind when the original issue is dealt with. Seldom do we only have only one negative issue to back up a core belief. For example, imagine you were told you were "stupid" and you'd "never amount to anything" by someone you loved and trusted. If you took that on board, you could easily spend the next 10-20 years looking for, and finding, evidence to back it up.

Everytime you screwed up, you would have more evidence. Everytime you did good, you would reduce the value of the success, as something bad is bound to come along and ruin it. Over time your self confidence and self esteem are eroded away and it becomes important to do something to repair it, like releasing yourself from the core issue and the emotional attachments that are propping up the belief that "I'm no good".

So cutting the cords of your aspects brought to mind, is like chopping out the negative feedback loop that has been running over and over in the background, sometimes for many years.

How to physically use your CD or MP3

To understand the concept of the Cord Cutting Technique, you have to realize that it's all about disconnecting from difficult thoughts, emotions, relationships or events from the past.

For the purposes of the CD, pick 3 items from the "What for?" examples page, and number them. Write them down or memorize them. Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit, where you won't be disturbed for about 25 minutes. Play the CD.

Important notice: Never play the CD whilst driving or operating machinery or at anytime you need to be paying attention to things around you.

Please understand, I can never guarantee a specific result. Mainly because once you have the CD in your possession, how you use it is out of my direct control. That is why I have prepared this document, to give you as much guidance as I can, to help you to do your Cord Cutting as closely to the way it was designed to be used, as possible.

Once the CD is finished, you may notice quite a difference in your outlook. The difference is getting back your power and your life. The sorts of things you could find include all, some or none of the following:-
  • A reduction in fears, anxiety or stress.
  • Increased energy.
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence.
  • A removal of the reasons for depression.
  • A reduction in unexplained pain or other symptoms.
  • The unexplained healing of a chronic health condition.
  • Increased marital bliss or sexual fulfilment.
  • And perhaps the most important one; you get to heal the painful parts of memory locked away in the subconscious mind and start afresh.
I wish you healing and light, the strength to try and the courage to continue.

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